Helpdesk Services

How is our Helpdesk different from a Call Center? Several of our Helpdesk techs are the same techs that come onsite to work on your networks so they are already familiar with your network or have someone sitting next to them who is. Unlike other IT Providers, we do not outsource our helpdesk to a Call Center far away that has never actually seen your business or your network. It just makes phone support less frustrating. Compare these 2 conversations:

Support Call to Call Center:

  • Company Employee: “Our Internet is not working”
  • Call Center Agent: “Let’s try to reboot the firewall”
  • Company Employee: “How do I do that?”
  • Call Center Agent: “Where is your Internet or modem located?”
  • Company Employee: “I don’t know, what does that look like?”

Support Call to Locke Systems Helpdesk:

  • Company Employee: “Our Internet is not working”
  • Locke Systems Tech: “Let’s try rebooting the firewall. It’s in the IT closet on a shelf at the top of the rack. I have a photo of it from our Onboarding – It’s a blue box that says SonicWall on it”

Also assigned to assist the helpdesk each day is a rotation of our Network Engineers who handle escalated issues that might need more expertise.