Cloud Backups and Continuity

It’s the horror story that every IT person hears about: someone downloaded a ransomware virus on Friday, and by Monday it has spread and encrypted all the servers and even the backups. These days the only sure way to protect your backups from ransomware or even local disaster (such as fire, theft, flooding, etc) is to replicate them to the Cloud.

All Locke Systems Contract Customers benefit from our LockeGuard Disaster Recovery Plan which includes the following:

  • Image-based backups of your entire server - our backup software will record a snapshot of your entire server each night and also backup filesets throughout the day.
  • Backup images are stored encrypted onsite for fast recovery
  • Backup images are entire Virtual Machine (VM) snapshots of your server and in the event of an outage, we can spin up your latest backup on a different server.
  • Locke Systems stocks and provides loaner servers to deliver and use in the event your server has a hardware failure that cannot be repaired quickly
  • The Virtual snapshots are also encrypted and replicated to our Private Colocated servers in Tacoma, WA.
  • If something happens to your local backups, we have Cloud backups in our Datacenter and can even drive over there to retrieve them on disk instead of waiting for them to download over the Internet.
  • In the event that you need to vacate your physical office (natural disaster, gas leak, etc.) we have Virtual Machine images on our cloud and we can immediately spin them up and grant you secure VPN access and you are working off of the Cloud!