Co-Managed IT

When it comes to your IT, do any of these questions describe your situation? If so, we can help!

  • Our IT Guy is overwhelmed and could use some help getting caught up or completing some important projects
  • Our IT Staff is great at Desktop support but we need more resources and expertise for Network and Server level Projects and Administration.
  • Our IT Staff really shines at Network Support but their time is being consumed by too many menial requests. We need resources to take care of Desktop and Helpdesk issues to free up our IT Staff for more important things.
  • We have Industry Compliance, Seasonal, or other needs where it makes sense to have a backup IT team that is already familiar with and involved enough to be able to step in when needed.

Locke Systems works seamlessly with all types of IT Personnel to meet your needs. Here are some examples of Co-Managed IT situations that we do today:

  • Small School District is staffed with IT Director, Application specialists, and Desktop Support techs but they have been unable to fill a Network Engineer position that has the right mix of expertise in the technologies they use but still fits their budget. The School District discovered that they can use a Locke Systems Co-Managed IT Plan to manage their network and server infrastructure for less than the cost of a single FT employee. Locke Systems gives them access to multiple Engineers with different expertise across multiple technologies.
  • Large Franchise Company has Corporate IT based on the East Coast. They are able to provide most applications and support remotely from their Corporate Office but they utilize Locke Systems for contract work to set up new equipment and take care of local IT issues that they can’t solve over the phone.
  • Small Credit Union has very stringent security policies to stay compliant with in order to stay FDIC insured. Part of their Disaster Recovery Plan dictates having a backup IT person or group that is already trained and familiar with the system. They have contracted with Locke Systems to provide redundant server backups, network security services, backup IT support, and Primary IT support for 1 day of the week to keep them up to date and always involved.